Closka poster
Closka, by Juan Pablo Mendiola (2023)

CLOSKA is an intimate experience that immerses the audience in a reflection on the beauty and responsibility of inhabiting our corner of the universe. Through a fascinating journey, the characters Ka and Clos unveil the story of Closka, a turtle embarked on a risky and uncertain mission to find her way back home.

The performance unfolds an artistic language that intertwines dramaturgy, visual arts, and emerging technologies such as video mapping and live cinema, thus challenging the boundaries between various artistic disciplines.

The inspiration for the tone and pace of the performance comes from the great masters of Haiku, like Masaoka Shiki and Matsuo Bashō. CLOSKA takes poetic contemplation a step further, transforming it into a force that awakens curiosity and stimulates creativity in each viewer, regardless of age.

The performers face the challenge of shaping and transforming space and objects in real-time as part of their emotional journey. This journey is expanded through interaction with technological elements and the incorporation of artistic proposals, thus adding exceptional richness and dynamism to the narrative and visual aspects of the performance.

A question resonates in the air and in the hearts of the audience: will we be able to help Closka find her way back home?

CLOSKA is an intimate interdisciplinary experience 

recommended ages: +3 years old
maximum recommended capacity: 90 attendees 
show length: 40 minutes
show without text

playwriting / direction / video design
Juan Pablo Mendiola
Laura Valero / Joan Ballester
assistant direction
Victoria Mínguez
music / sound design
Isabel Latorre
movement / choreography
Isabel Abril
set design / props
Los Reyes del Mambo
costume design
María Almudéver / Esther García
María Almudéver

lighting design
graphic artist
Laura Valero
motion graphics
Laura Cuello
video system design / programming
audiovisual technician
Isaac Rovira
assistant technician
Joan Ballester
poster / program design
Laura Valero
closka 3D printing
Joan Ballester

Jordi Pla
video recording
Quatre Films
educational dossier
Kika Garcelán
international distribution
Ikebanah Artes Escénicas
production design
Margarita Burbano
PanicMap - Proyectos Escénicos
supported by
Àrea de Cultura - Ajuntament de Mislata
Ajuntament de València
Blanca Torres, Ana Campos

 Festivals and fairs

  • Mostra de Alcoi 2023

  • FIET Fira de teatre infantil i juvenil de les illes balears 2023

  • FETEN Feria Internacional de Artes Escénicas para niños, niñas y familias 2024

  • Fira de Titelles de Lleida, 2024

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