Petit Big Blue Poster
Petit Big Blue, by Juan Pablo Mendiola (2018)

Movement, shapes, and colors offer an experience that encourages early childhood and their families to recognize emotions.

PETIT BIG BLUE is big and blue. He is big, blue, and very curious.
His curiosity leads him to unknown places and awakens a range of new emotions.

Taking the pictorial universe of Wassily Kandinsky as a starting point, we will embark on a small journey with ENE and PETIT BIG BLUE through their new emotional inventory.

The proximity of the audience to the performers makes the show a unique experience for children and their families, allowing them to enjoy dance, visual arts, and digital arts in a way that is completely unknown to them.

A visual proposal in which gesture, dance, and visual arts converse to offer an experience that stimulates the desire to play for the youngest and their older companions, discovering along the way some emotions that we will all be able to identify.

A project aimed at an especially sensitive audience segment with a great need for projects focused on plastic, sensory, and emotional stimulation.

PETIT BIG BLUE  is an intimate interdisciplinary experience

recommended ages: +2 years
maximum recommended capacity: 90 attendees 
show lenght: 35 minutes
show without text

playwriting / direction / video design
Juan Pablo Mendiola

Paula Romero / Joan Ballester
movement / choreography
Cristina Fernández Pintado
music / sound design
Damián Sánchez
set design
Los Reyes del Mambo
costume design / makeup
María Almudéver
lighting design
Juan Pablo Mendiola

motion graphics
Raúl González / Juanjo Ortiz
video system design / programming
Juan Pablo Mendiola
audiovisual technician
Isaac Rovira
assistant technician
Joan Ballester / Javier Tatay
poster / program design
Assad Kassab
Jordi Pla
video recording
Nelo Gómez

 international distribution
Ikebanah Artes Escénicas
production design
Margarita Burbano
PanicMap - Proyectos Escénicos
supported by
Dansa València
IVC - Institut valencià de Cultura
INAEM - Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes
Àrea de Cultura - Ajuntament de Mislata
Ajuntament de València
Blanca Torres, Flavio Burbano, Ana Campos

 Festivals and fairs

  • FETEN Feria Internacional de Artes Escénicas para Niñas/os de Gijón 2019

  • Cultura-nova (Netherlands) 2019

  • Mostra de Igualada Fira d’Espectacles Infantils i Juvenils 2019

  • FIET Fira de Teatre Infantil i Juvenil de les Illes Balears 2018

  • Dansa València 2018

  • Cádiz en Danza 2019

  • MAC Mislata Art al Carrer 2018

  Awards and Honors

  • Finalist for Best Family Show at the 2018 Valencian Institute of Performing Arts (IVC) Awards

  • Show Recommended by the Ballet, Dance and Movement Arts Commission of the Spanish Network of Theatres (Cuaderno #11 - May 2018)

  • Show Recommended in the Sarea Catalog of the Basque Theatre Network

  • Show selected for the INAEM  Danza a Escena program 2019



Very cool!!! We liked it a lot!!! So well taken care of everything!!!
It's been a while since I enjoyed a work focused on the little ones so much!! Congratulations!!!!!

Revista Núvol

A show designed, with precision, for the little ones to enjoy the thirty-five minutes that the show lasts.


Very original! The little one has enjoyed it and we with her👏🏻👏🏻
What a scenario best used with #PequeñoBigBlue by @panic_map 💙 Older and younger, delighted!

Rafa Ridaura

An excellent audiovisual engineering, with a refined technique by Juan Pablo Mendiola and the choreographic direction, very precise and well drawn by Cristina Fernández, wonderful as always.

This work has a totally sensory and immersive experience that an art gallery does not have. It integrates visual art, music, digital media and dance, and is absolutely a wholehearted inspiration and experience.

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