Juan Pablo Mendiola Photo
Juan Pablo Mendiola Photo

Juan Pablo Mendiola

(Madrid, 1974)
Performing Arts Creative. Researcher, Author, and Theater Director.

Juan Pablo Mendiola has a long history in creating stage proposals, among which his creations for companies like PanicMap (Harket [protocolo], Dystopia, and Petit Big Blue), Maduixa Teatre (Ras!, Consonant, and Dot), L’Horta Teatre (Lluna, Sleeping Beauty, The Lost Socks), Institut Valencià de Cultura (Alexandria), L’Auditori de Barcelona (Händel & Friends), and Gran Teatre del Liceu (La Barcarola) stand out. Some of these works have extensively toured, performing in 15 countries across Europe, America, and Asia.

His interest in digital arts and their application within the performing arts has led him to research their use in stagecraft as a narrative-discursive element, beyond their aesthetic application. With his creations, he has carved out a space for himself among stage creators within the current landscape of contemporary theater. He conducts various workshops and seminars at different universities and events across the Iberian geography, focusing on the creation of new dramaturgies related to the use of technology.

Currently, in addition to his involvement with projects from other companies and institutions, he is at the forefront of the artistic direction of the PanicMap company, which he founded with Margarita Burbano in 2012. The company is committed to innovation, articulating narrative, body, space, and digital device in the performing arts. It continuously investigates to integrate digital arts within stage creation and, as a result, a distinctive language emerges that pushes the boundaries of the theatrical experience. As artistic director, Mendiola develops his most personal proposals here.

The artistic works of PanicMap: Harket [protocol] (2012), Dystopia (2016), Petit Big Blue (2018), and Closka (2023) invite the audience to immerse themselves in unsettling worlds, where the digital universe and poetics join hands to tell real stories; dramaturgies of our time that question the identity of the individual in the modern world.

In 2019, he received the Digital Performing Arts Award granted by the international forum Digital Jove.

LA BARCAROLA. Created and directed for Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona

  • Finalist  JUNCEDA AWARD a Site Specifics de l’Associació Professional d’il·lustradors de Catalunya. 2022

PETIT BIG BLUE. Created and directed for PanicMap

  • Finalist Performing Arts Awards. Institut Valencià de Cultura to Best Family Show. 2018

HÄNDEL & FRIENDS. Created and directed for L’Auditori de Barcelona

  • JUNCEDA AWARD Best Animation. Associació Professional d’il·lustradors de Catalunya. 2017

DOT. Created and directed for Maduixa Teatre

  • MAX AWARD Mejor Espectáculo Infantil o Familiar. 2015

  • FETEN AWARD al Mejor Espectáculo. 2014

  • Finalist Butaca Award from Catalunya to Best Family Show. 2014

HARKET [PROTOCOL]. Created and directed for PanicMap

  • BBVA Performing Arts AWARD.  Best Show. 2014

  • BBVA Performing Arts AWARD. Best Actress (Cristina Fernández). 2014

  • Candidato MAX AWARD Best New Author (Juan Pablo Mendiola). 2014

CONSONANT. Created and directed for Maduixa Teatre

  • FETEN SPECIAL JURY AWARD for Quality in the Use of New Technologies Applied to the Performing Arts. Feria Europea de Teatro para Niños y Niñas. 2012

RAS!  Created and directed for Maduixa Teatre

  • Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana Performing Arts Awards for Best Lighting and Best Children's Show. (Also nominated for Best Text and Best Stage Direction). 2011

  • FETEN SPECIAL JURY AWARD for New Stage Proposals. Feria Europea de Teatro para Niños y Niñas. 2010

  • April Performing Arts Awards for Costume, Choreography, Stage Space, Production Company and Show for girls and boys. (Nominations also for Best Adaptation, Lighting and Stage Direction) 2010

ELS CALCETINS PERDUTS. Created and directed for L’Horta Teatre

  • April Performing Arts Award for the Best Show for Girls and Boys. 2007

LA BELLA DORMENT. Directed for L’Horta Teatre

  • Nomination for the Performing Arts Award from Teatres de La Generalitat Valenciana for Best Children's Show. 2006

2023 Doctoral thesis. "Distopías en la escena española actual”. Ziqi Jiang. Universidad Carlos II de Madrid.

2023 Elective Course in the Master's Program in Current Spanish Language and Literature "Utopías y distopías en la literatura española actual. Fronteras y migraciones”. Guadalupe Soria Tomás. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

2015 Master's Final Project. “Voices, la voz emocional". Juan Pablo Sánchez Ricart. Universitat Politècnica de Valencia.

2014 Paper. "Anglo-American thought's domination in the new media plays. Analysis of the Skype Duet, Harket [Protocolo] and 9 días de Guerra en Facebook”. Claudia Marín Inclan. Universidad Veracruzana y UNAM. Presentado en la Université Paris - Sorbonne

2014 Paper. "Dot. Animation in theatre for children". Beatriz Herraiz Zornoza. Universitat Politècnica de València

2013 Paper. "Harket Protocolo, un proyecto de video mapping escenográfico". Adolfo Muñoz García y Beatriz Herráiz Zornoza. Universitat Politècnica de València.

2011 Master's Final Project. “Consonant: Técnicas de Postproducción digital aplicadas al Teatro.” Héctor Ferrández Motos. Universitat Politècnica de València.

2011 Paper. "Illustration and animation in theatre for children". Beatriz Herraiz Zornoza. Universitat Politècnica de València